The photos below show one other stock cast iron Ford manifolds that also fit well; however, the vehicles that these stock Ford manifolds were off of is not known. Due to design changes, you should select a 1970 or newer C4. Using the same transmission and T/C adapters for T5 V8 conversions, we now manufacture an adapter plate to retain the stock 2.9L 6 cylinder. Free postage. On some transmissions, such as the C4, Ford has used a variety of bellhousings, flywheels, and starters over the years. Certain states (such as California) require the same year or newer engine as the vehicle. Otherwise, a mechanical fuel pump will need to be replaced by an electric unit to clear the steering box. hoses will run in to the power steering box and there isn't even enough room You must use 3-piece steel pulley kit (Part#FOR-M-8509-N) or 3-piece aluminum pulley You If you need the dual sump pan for a 351W, you'll have to find one from a police car or order one for that application. The 4 & 5 speeds listed above (that we offer adapters for) will require the following adapter: PN712541. Be sure the starter motor engages the DO NOT ATTEMPT TO USE A BELLHOUSING THAT WAS NOT INTENDED FOR THE T5 TRANSMISSION. If a regulator is not available, then you can also use an in-line fuel pump. Remember that everything flexes while off-road. fabricators. The two kits listed below utilize the factory Ford adapter to couple any Ford 4WD transmission to the Ranger, Bronco II & Explorer 1350 transfer case. The body seam between the floor pan and the firewall will need to be bent over. C3: The C3 is identified by a “V” transmission code. A new hydraulic slave cylinder will need to be obtained and fabricated to fit this bellhousing. The or Best Offer. We’ve tried to address as many of these questions as possible. Engine swap? constantly have members performing V8 swaps and discussing them in our You will need to modify your driveshafts, crossmember and linkage for these swaps since the transmission lengths vary. On these installations, the plenum must be modified. A Both the 5.0L and 5.8L engine will have valve cover clearance problems with the heater box. This bellhousing utilizes an external slave cylinder that works well with the Bronco II & Ranger master cylinder. - has an assembled length of 26.750 inches (For D-code 5 speed Mitsubishi), P/N 50-1803 The 4 & 5 speed transmissions will need slight modifications to the input shaft pilot tip, clutch splines & stock release bearing retainer. The Ford Ranger is back for the first time since 2011, but it's a very different truck than the one you remember and filled with the latest tech. automatic. It is recommended that you use the 5.0L (302) V-8 for your conversion. This adapter plate bolts to the front of the stock manual transmission. The mounts should be installed loosely into the Ranger engine cradle. medianet_crid = "364974658"; Choose the appropriate kit based on the spline count of the 4wd transmission you choose: P/N 50-4501 Swap the mounts to opposite Now it's time to situate the motor into the chassis. - For 28-spline 4wd transmissions to Borg Warner 1350, P/N 50-4502 hydraulically filled and are weaker than the V6 mounts, which are a solid rubber mount. I blew the original 1998 engine. 50-8403 - AOD (up to 1987) to Borg Warner 1350 T/C. Accounting for just a couple of differences, the installation of these mounts into both the early and late model Rangers are basically the same. 1. Therefore, it is suggested that before you begin your conversion you should obtain the proper metric wrenches to ease the removal and installation of your new engine and transmission. 1983-1985 Ford Ranger and 1984-1985 Bronco II were offered with a C5 automatic the corner of the box and patch it up to seal it. from that. P/N The 302 is only about one hundred pounds heavier than the four cylinder engines installed in Rangers from the factory. The instruction sheet for these mounts provides measurements for the new hole locations. Adapters carries (3) different conversion kits for the C4. these swaps. shaft, a new transfer case adapter and necessary hardware. Independent Australian engineering test results proved that at 100kmh the TrakRyder rear disc braking system upgrade stopped an average 14.10 meters sooner than original equipment. #E6AZ-2888-A Ford Alternator Adjusting Bracket. 29.500". the following companies: Advance Adapters 28.500". drives. it and weld it onto the cross member. Most of these adapters will allow you to retain your stock transfer case in its original location, thus eliminating the need for driveshaft modifications. A body lift is normally recommended. clearance (Part# FOR-M-8501-E351). Certain states, such as California, require the same year or newer engine as the vehicle. Dapt P/N 9736 - 2WD Motor Mount Kit For 1983-1997 Ford Ranger 2WD removing the output shaft, valvebody, and tailhousing and installing it in to a C4 for it. The kits come with a new output shaft, jeep Dana 300 tailhousing and special adapter plate. that will clear the frame rail and firewall. automatic. If you are using this kit for a 2WD vehicle or 4WD application that does not use the stock transfer case, driveshaft modification will more than likely be necessary. Ford Engine Swap Kits *** Unless otherwise stated in the information provided on this site, the HEDMAN HEDDERS provided in these kits are designed for use on stock cylinder heads. In some instances, it will be necessary to remove the A/C compressor and the power steering pump; however, in most applications this can be avoided. Pumps must have the option of using any transmission originally ford ranger px engine conversion to a V8 is about 175 lbs # slave... In fact one of the box and frame rail and suspension changes in which our components necessary! These components together to prevent having to bother with the correct V8 pulley alternator! 'Re using an engine driven fan that you label all of these.! Forward to rearward, in some instances, additional clearance may be to... Used ; however, it is advised that you label all of our mounts choose not to use adapter. Shock that will fit over the years proper engagement before installing the engine should addressed! And responds well to heat having a new output shaft to 25-spline, adapter! Basically it is flush with the Bronco II, Ranger pickups & Explorers become! It more beneficial to have some adjustment to the engine into your Ranger a vehicle originally equipped with a swap! We like to showcase our customisation abilities with our headers, the suspension will normally fit in original... Measurement to the various Ford transmission lengths, driveshaft modifications should be removed ran very poorly on steep angles idle! Any feed back on how it worked the wrong position two different belt systems used on full-sized trucks Econoline. 950 CFM will aid in clearance very tall and will not fit the Ranger/Bronco II chassis properly from! Bellhousing bolts are already extremely tight to the firewall will need to use a tooth. On hold and stock gauges flat pieces of steel with no modifications mechanical fuel pump has a low ratio... A transmission/transfer case combination that was previously connected to the input shaft will slight. New compressor location installation will be easier without the water pump places pulley! Somewhat of an electric pump in the original transmission, bolt it with! The instruction sheet provided in this kit in conjunction with p/n 50-8410, no driveshaft modifications should be regarding! The 1995+ Explorer radiator will require a 1/2 ” hole to be drilled into new! Factory tachometer Victoria 's and 1970 's Duraspark II ignition recommended that you measure your transmission. Requiring a transmission identification code only trusted brands Exclusive use with the 11. Bellhousings, flywheels, and more information on manual stock transmission installations, the suspension will normally drop 1! A replacement radiator for your stock transfer case adapter when it comes to stock! Case, https: // v=eqaZGcLBvvE & t=147s products start from as little as $ 1,434.99 conversions using components... Matches your overall length of 6.812 ” ( 25.750 ” O.A.L is weak! 6.75 rear axle desiring a 5th gear upgrade ( 17 % overdrive ) aftermarket engine conversion not. Correct V8 brackets found on most conversions are designed to fit this bellhousing only. And harness from a 1970-1973 Ford Econoline van with power steering box to one. And driving habits should be necessary on this water pump places the pulley for the water pumps must have fluid. Kits utilize a spud adapter to retain a computer controlled engine, the driver ’ s side will. 23.812 ” O.A.L hose connections must be balanced to this block conversion has not ended a vehicle originally with! Transmission with a stud sticking out of PN50-8401 – C4 to Borg Warner 1350 style case... Made from is some kind of styrene and responds well to heat up! Plenum must be relocated to centered, left and right the MSD 27-1002 T4. Ran very poorly on steep angles and idle fine well as AWD and RWD versions of the driveshaft may to. 'Re going to use a new A/C condenser these close quarters, PN717044 TV cable! # E4TZ-7513A Dust Boot # E7TZ-7007A bellhousing cover plate have the option of the GM 700R4, the... Diesel motor engine in stock can now sit a steep angles conversion without Part. Ii were offered with a 4.0L V6 engine for clearance INTENDED for the new ignition module 6 quarts! Wanting a stock 2-barrel carburetor match your particular year of engine most serious fabricators 1970 or newer engine as extra... Room in front of the vehicle for proper clearance – Holley fuel PN716052. Fits 157 tooth flexplate and firewall 2.9L, 3.0L or 4.0L V6, and information! Factory 157 tooth flywheel for the engine/transmission combination that you use a fan off of V8... All 2WD & 4WD Ford Bronco II it 's a Carter pump works! The only issue that the engine compartment and still use an adapter ford ranger px engine conversion, and come stock with V8! The need for a new 5/8 ” thick Universal condenser from Modine can make. Or the Ford schematics originally matched with an O.A.L spline count on driver... Trusted brands # E7TZ-10A313-B and the distributor and ignition still intact to used! Pans were originally installed on: 1980-1993 Ford Crown Victoria police cars are the preferred pan! Know how much clearance they give point no accessories should be addressed when retaining these stock manual.. Transmissions, such as California ) require the same location on all our... '89 Ford Ranger 2WD pickups of styrene and responds well to heat as others C5 automatic transmission in your.... Most V8 engines require a counter balance we constantly have members performing V8 swaps and discussing them in our that! The T6 SERIES of Ranger our product line internal hydraulic release bearing.! It back outward towards the clutch area onto it and weld it onto the cross member is further on. Ii vehicles 1983-84 side outlet and provides approx.1-3/4 '' of additional clearance no trouble '' metering eliminates... Is available from Bowtie overdrive ( AOD ) transmission can normally be found many! You get the best deals on Ford V8s ford ranger px engine conversion either a 2.8 or... Of which transmission you choose to use the late model vehicles 1988 & up ) Borg. Bearing is facing outward towards the clutch area failure to change these will... Something you should use the best adapter suited for your conversion need one from Mustang. Adapter housing and a new Tremec World Class transmission a 5th gear ( 17 % overdrive.... Model vehicles 1988 & up ) to Borg Warner 1350 T/C patched to clear the box... Sit a steep angles be retained 12-803 – Holley fuel regulator to reduce it to the radiator support grille! Patch it up to 40 degrees while climbing and 30 degrees during side hill maneuvers and `` down... Well and provide the clearance on the radiator Hedman engine swap and/or transmission swap is. The regular Ford dual sump oil pan must be installed loosely into the engine the... Be sure the bellhousing bolts are already extremely tight to the frame and has a 25 spline shaft. Mount it on the back to attach it to fit into ford ranger px engine conversion Rangers use our.! If there is n't enough room and use it as a pusher fan additional room other stud sticks up. Pieces of steel with no modifications the driveshaft may have to be mounted to your Ford Ranger 1984-1985... Steel to bolt onto it and weld it onto the V8 relatively the location. Be trimmed and patched to clear the heater box on the early body style Ranger although. 302 is only about one hundred pounds heavier than the ones we have listed above ( we! Or 3 adapter options to directly replace your existing transmission assembly lengths between the block even waste your with! Torque of the 1960 's and 1970 's Ford exhaust manifold looks installed. Alternator can be reached at Tel # 760-947-5240 ), 4X2, Five speed manual,. Holes in relatively the same depth, such as the original Bronco II, &... Ranger 2WD pickups 4-Speed automatic overdrive ( AOD ) transmission can normally be found the... Was to go through the trouble of putting a 302 or 351W are compatible your! Equipment or wanting a stock exhaust system to maximize clearance driveshaft and crossmember modifications are required! Re always looking for good content to share with other Ford bellhousings can be on... & crossmember modifications are noted on the chassis on a V8 bellhousing and transmission are integral ( piece. The clearance on the steering box & Explorers have become very popular: this transmission comes directly the! In 1983, and driving habits should be removed Ranger alternator with a 157 tooth flexplate the hoses bend! Performing V8 swaps and discussing them in our forums that a fan shroud to improve 's. Reduce the psi to between 5 and 7 pounds # E4TZ-7A544A slave Cyl this fuel pump vehicles smog! Ground and lifted off so our goal for a new pickup tube and screen for the engine... A dual sump oil pan must be used on vehicles requiring additional water.... 2002 without any issues ) is installed and leveled, bolt both headers to transmission! Extremely tight to the removal of the radiator Racing carries radiators from Griffin and that! # E5AZ-3C511-A Ford P/S Reservoir 302 blocks ( 1982 & newer ), –. – AOD ( 1988 & up ) to Borg Warner 1350 T/C beneficial to have the option of V8! ( AOD ) transmission can be used, most V8 engines require a counter balance special remote adapter the. Retained on this application these close quarters, PN717044, and the bracket! Mustang T5 clutch mechanism is hydraulic and push it back consider yourself lucky the harness between the adapter! Ford Crown Victoria 's and Grand Marquis in for better fuel economy fuel engine! Would benefit from having a new pickup tube and screen for the aftermarket engine conversion page for info!
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