Working with Dana has been a life changing experience. Hira Ali is an author, writer, speaker, and executive coach focused on women’s and ethnic leadership development, closing the gender gap, and breaking the glass ceiling. While women have a statistical advantage when it comes to acquiring emotional intelligence skills, the average business culture doesn’t always reward them for their natural leadership style. As a leader in your own professional sphere, you know that women, particularly those amongst us that are most marginalized, have often had to work harder… Yale faculty will lead a wide range of interactive and experiential learning sessions proven to enhance women’s leadership behaviors. Emily Cassel Soulful Business + Leadership Coach for Women Entrepreneurs. 6 Dominant Action Styles Quiz. Women’s leadership coaching We work with aspiring women leaders whose ambition is to build and lead inclusive organisations. I am not formally trained in assessment, so I rely on internal or outsourced surveys, typically provided to me by Human Resources. Research and our experience has shown that women leaders bring a valuable … Dana will help you refine your authentic style to lead with confidence. Soft skills are critical to career success and difficult to master, even for women. Fundamentally my life changed after the 2nd session I had with Dana. A private mobile community for women. What does self-confidence look like in your life? Benefits. As a Women’s Empowerment Life Coach, I guide women in identifying their inner strengths and conquering their fears and the perceived barriers that hold them back. As more women want to take action, what can you do? In 2020 our  mission expanded to help inspire, educate and enable professional women and other “non-majority” leaders to reclaim their relationship with power, giving voice to their authentic leadership style and activate their highest potential. I’ve been walking with womxn for 12 years, facilitating annual mastermind groups, several online courses, and … It is like a veil has been removed from my face. But I supplement these results with my own extensive in-person interviews, both with the client and her team, manager, board, peers or direct reports–– whichever stakeholders will be most pertinent in helping meet her goals. Learn more about executive coaching sessions with Dana. Learn more and contact me to InPower your organization or event! Free Course: Authentic Feminine Leadership. By the end of this six week process of education and self-reflection, you’ll envision yourself as a strong leader and have a career plan to make it happen! It is a leadership coaching model. • Watch 9 video modules of training content at your own pace. As more women want to take action, what can you do? Become a Gaia Project Certified Coach. Learn more. I react to people very differently now than I did before. This programme is designed for those who coach women executives, who work with women and for women in leadership positions. Hi! Marshall offers the client feedback and insights, makes himself available by phone and for in-person meetings, and includes the client in his regularly scheduled CEO Small Dinners, attended by the world’s top executives. I’m an Integrative Leadership coach, the founder of Global Sisterhood Day, and a mother. Join us at the New York Athletic Club building overlooking Central Park on Wednesday May 8th for an empowering, social and interactive experience set in an uplifting and inspiring space. Use promo code IP10 to receive 10% off your registration fee. 7 Day Power Boost Challenge. INpower yourself to be the change you seek in your organization and in your world. It is like I can now breathe oxygen. In 2013 InPower Women was selected by Forbes as one of the top 100 blogs for women. Leadership coaching … InPower Women’s articles and resources offer every professional woman a place to explore herself and her personal power to succeed on her own terms. Men welcome to join the conversation too! Post was not sent - check your email addresses! Is executive coaching right for you? for Women Leaders Everywhere. Working with Dana has been a life changing experience. Women in Leadership – Coaching & Keynotes I’m on a mission to help women bring their strengths, voices, and perspectives to the table. With her support you will you put overwhelm and your negative inner voice behind you and channel your surplus energy into mastering the work-life blend. Discover Your Natural, Authentic Leadership Style so you can lead with your innate feminine strengths, integrity and total … Data shows that women are excellent leaders. Establish … Copyright 2011-2020 InPower Consulting LLC - All Rights Reserved. Avoid common mistakes! “Before I started working with InPower techniques I was struggling with confidently getting my ideas across and standing for them without appearing to be aggressive or authoritarian. Learn from world experts and renowned women in business. 7 Day Power Boost Challenge – Thank You. Visit. I prefer to use the Stakeholder Centered Coaching method, in which I am certified. It will also help you develop strong communication skills, negotiation skills, career advancement and direction, confidence, conflict resolution, and peak energy performance. Download the Woman Effect Manifesta. CLE and HR credits available. You already are. © Copyright 2011-2020 InPower Consulting LLC - All Rights Reserved | Terms & Conditions  |  Privacy. I'm Amy, and I'm a Women's Leadership Coach. In coaching women leaders, my ultimate purpose is to help them better recognize and more powerfully articulate their greatest strengths while determining how these align both with their organization’s mission and the ultimate impact they as individuals seek to have on the world. I’ll guide you through applying these truths to your own career and authentic personal brand identity. Schedule a free 30-minute call with Dana to see how she can help. Sorry, your blog cannot share posts by email. EP3C Women Leadership Coaching Framework EP3C stands for Executive Presence, and the 3 Cs are Clarity, Communication, and Confidence. Join our Women's Leadership Coaching & Competition (WLCC) ! Leadership coaching empowers women to develop leadership skills for building a career, business, and life that is unlimited and fulfilling. The best way to build a career you love is to create a reputation built on both your past accomplishments and future potential. Check this out for WHY you’re so important to your business, your family and your community. In this eLearning program, I’ll to show you the data that says. The program is designed to help you identify your goals, give you the business best practices you need to succeed, and help you get to the next level of performance by holding you accountable through this coaching … CERTIFICATIONS "Rediscover Greatness Within Through Executive Coaching" Executive Coach Dana Theus has empowered and inspired hundreds of women, giving them authentic strategies to develop confident personal brands and lead at higher levels. But it hasn't always been that … (function(){var ml=".yn0mclgos4eha%",mi="9=661>:39=661<;67;9;20584",o="";for(var j=0,l=mi.length;j

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