Try using pale colors such as Custom Brand's (click for color chart) Arctic Ice, DeLorean Grey, or Butter Cream. I would echo the not white options though. The White is very generic and looks spec house to me. Won’t show stains like white or light grout, I really like the black! Definitely charcoal but the grey could be the compromise. 02Z2 Bright White Smooth. So, What color did they choose? If you’ve shied away from white for fear of staining, or maintaining its pristine shine, worry no more. It really makes the tiles look great!! Susan. #teamcharcoal!! I have the Delorean grey and I like it. I would go with the Delorean grey. I am also using the Arctic White tile with a mix of carrera and thassos (the Michael Aram White Orchid through Artistic Tile) in my bathroom remodel. Bright. Every tiny imperfection stood out. Subway Tile. 0044 Black. Quarried in India, Moon White embodies the exquisiteness implied by its name. The charcoal looks great with the countertops. Obviously the grout. Something that translates much easier to all decor styles, not just 1920s style. Also I agree that I have never had a problem cleaning my white grout either. The Charcoal is too dark but I think dialing charcoal back a shade or two would be great. At least for me, it gives the look more character because of the contrasting color (against the white). Snow white. White granites feature snow white and ivory color that can brighten up the kitchen and make it much more inviting and charming. Design Decorating; Remodeling; Ideas by Room; Home … This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. It does look good when done right but if it’s not perfect will always look not perfect and as a buyer I would notice this. Good luck, grout choice is tricky! Charcoal or Delorean gray! The Delorean Gray looks more custom and won’t show stains. The contrast is sharp. Either white will show every speck of food, grease etc. I did charcoal grout on the white weave-pattern floor, and Snow White on the green subway tile. And when I say flipped out I mean nearly had a heart attack. Ashley says. Your email address will not be published. Do not decorate for the next owner. I’d go grey or charcoal. Bright white grout is tricky to work with. 0995 Arctic White Textured. Because of the stark contrast with the white tile it looks messy. Charcoal is the traditional choice and also because somebody, at sometime is going to splash tomato sauce/wine/grease on the backsplash. I’d go with the charcoal. Grey just adds another color and white is lovely for a bathroom. If the future owners want more color they can always use grout paint. Charcoal. This Bright White Ice Subway Ceramic Wall Tile is 3 x 6 with a polished or high gloss finish. My male friend is 67 and chose charcoal, too. Although, I would guess that either of the whites would look “cleaner”. The tub has a rim which melds beautifully into the panel, but it needs to be seamless in terms of the white paint. I think bright colored grout can ... Our bathroom has white grout on the floor, and I regularly (every few months) have to use a white grout pen to paint it or it looks so gross and dirty. I don’t care for the whites. Gives it definition and always looks clean. White is becoming a clear star across a broad range of kitchen styles and with all manner of appliances, The bright purple berries of Callicarpa americana feed winged beauties and make the Southeast U.S. native a fall garden standout, The people we know as Pilgrims set the style stage back in 1620, Make sure your snowy walls, cabinets and counters don't feel cold while you're riding white's popularity peak, Sleek and glossy or softened by wear, white floors charm, White too bright in your kitchen? What a tough decision! Almost NONE of the tiles that you need to do a proper "subway" job are made for this tile. I’m at my daughter’s piano teacher ‘s house now; they have the subway tile with light grey and it looks really good! Instead of buying more grout are you able to mix the colours you have? They are constructed with interlocking edges so they fit together like puzzle pieces, and no grout is required between them. Add some fun color elsewhere in your kitchen to add interest and brighten the space. Ask me how I know. Good luck! Wood Filler 12PCS Repair kit Floor and Furniture Scratch Touch Up Restore for Wooden Floor, Table, … As for staining I don’t have a problem with white grout currently on my kitchen backsplash so I am not sure what everyone is talking about with having to paint it or take care of it so religiously. The white grout REALLY makes it look like those cheap, stick-on plastic tiles. I think it would have been interesting to have each commenter state where they are from. It will play off the kitchen hardware as well. From a distance it doesn’t even look any different than having no grout. The charcoal looks nice but maybe if your thinking resale gray would be best. … I’ll plump for light and bright every time. These are just a few of the characteristics white tile brings to your space. Softer whites let the tile be the star of the show and even provide subtle contrast that highlights the patterns and shapes of your tile. And the white is isn’t kind of blah. Charcoal- easier to not show dirt and adds a pop but that said will the colour stand up to time and wear n tear of the cleaning one has with a backsplash- I would look at reviews and seal the grout . But it would be tough to paint over that charcoal! The charcoal looked very dark until you showed the sample behind the sink–I think it sets off everything nicely. Which is more true white like most standard toilets, the white or arctic white? WHITE TILE. Going with the most frequently purchased colour seems like a pretty good plan. Go team charcoal! It gets dirty easily. A discrete grout will define the shape of the tiles without being overpowering. Because I would really, REALLY like to wrap this project up and move on the the next one. Explore. I like the darker colors, I agree that the light is too stark. It looks clean and classier. My local showroom helpfully … Ugh!!! I would be on team grey in this case. The white grouts would be pretty if you were selling the house tomorrow and keeping it clean would become someone else’s problem! Subway Tile. We just did ours and love it and everybody who sees it loves it!!!! What do you see and look at first? You would have to be a really big “splatterer” to stain grout on the walls……right? If you're going with other colors, it could definitely get trickier. If you aren’t one that is bothered by things being “not perfect” then the charcoal would give you the good contrast. White grout seems to be popular among my moms generation. Non-Sanded Grout: Polyblend Plus #381 Bright White 10 lb. I would use a gray that is about 50% lighter than the Delorean gray. The Color Collection Ceramic Wall Tiles line by Roca Tile USA is available in Snow White colors. I know I am in the minority but I hate the charcoal. My vote is for the charcoal.It looks great in your kitchen with the hardware. Can’t wait to see the finished backsplash. I forgot to mention, it is a pain while doing it because it’s so dark so cleanup was not fun but I do love how it looks. Ha! I love the charcoal, but for resale purposes, make the HH do a sample of the DeLorean Gray and see what he thinks. Go with the gray you will be happy you did! I’ll be blunt: White grout is from the DEVIL! (The one you didn’t show us might be just the compromise you need), I would vote for the For flooring, I’d without a doubt use a dark grout. Anythning other then white looks dirty to me. 14. Design By: Maddy Interior | Shop Featured Tile: Manchester Bianco 3×12 | Shop Featured Grout: Bostik White Non-Sanded Grout. The charcoal would also enhance the countertop and hardware colors. I love the charcoal, hate the whites, and figure HH would compromise on the grey? One of the whiter shades of granite, Moon White can also have a subtle yellow undertone. The use of white grout as a pair for the subway tile is an amazing idea. It would be interesting to see how the grey differs from the charcoal. I agree with you. There is too much grey being used in housing today and it is a color that many people dislike. Thanks for the visual. We don’t have a big elaborate kitchen. Thanks. Good luck! My thought is this. Delorean grey. Clean. I'm going with Benjamin Moore "Decorator's White", using their Aura Bath and Spa line with "matte" finish in the bathroom. If your tiles are not exactly straight or the spaces not even, then using a darker grout will make them stand out like a sore thumb. Wall Treatment. Delorean Gray – I have elongated matte subway tiles with a gray between Charcoal and your Delorean and we love it – and get so many compliments. Sorry! It’s not too bright. I have white subway tile as my kitchen backsplash – the grout is not brilliant white but still in the white family. Sorry Mavis……I gotta go with the white. The charcoal or grey both look nice, and more practical for people who actually cook in their kitchen. Definitely go with the charcoal. Delorean gray or Charcoal. Floor Grout. I like it. May 27, 2014 - Dal Tile Ritten House Bevel Subway 3x6 Arctic White Glossy Grout Bright White. While the charcoal does look sharp at first glance, I think it is taste-specific and you might get tired of it. While the charcoal does look sharp at first glance, I think it is taste-specific and you might get tired of it. reduce grout breakage: ... 44 bright white 45 raven 46 quarry red 47 cinnamon 50 sea glass 52 toast almomd 53 twilight blue 55 tawny 56 desert khaki 57 hot cocoa 03 silk 04 arctic blue 05 pastel blue 06 limade 07 lemonade 08 cherry red 13 lichen 14 moss 16 siltstone 17 marble beige 18 sauterne 22 midnight black 23 antique white 24 natural grey 27 hemp 30 sand beige 32 turquoise 33 boston 34 … It’s a middle of the road, won’t ever look dirty and shouldn’t be a huge conversation piece to buyers during their walk through. I vote for spending quite a bit of political capital in trying the delorean grey. That is beautiful subway tile, show it off! Happy to DM you a picture on IG. The contrast of the Charcoal is perfect. NOT the charcoal, if you are going to resell. It does surprise me that there has not been a quick, definitive answer. That is the exact picture that I found that made me not like the charcoal way too busy. We used white subway tile and charcoal grout. Required fields are marked *. I basically can’t stand looking at it. period. I am 73 and live in the South. Kitchen Backsplash Designs. I tried to take a pic for you but they all looked the same, my camera is not very good, sorry. I think the CHARCOAL looks really sharp and sets off the white tile while tying in with the dark hardware. But if the Toto cast iron tub matches better, then dang! DEFINITELY Grey or Charcoal. The charcoal is too much contrast. I think charcoal or Delorean. No one came into my bathroom and said, your tub, sink and toilet doesn't match. GO CHARCOAL !! The realtor convinced us to leave it and the home did sell within a few days on the market (near Seattle) but I would shy away from ever attempting it again. I took photos but wasn’t sure how to send them. I think you need the contrast. We wanted to keep this mini kitchen update just that, MINI. Charcoal looks dirty to me, like it is old and has been washed a bunch. The charcoal is too much contrast. I used it myself in our house and it looks wonderful. I much appreciate the suggestion of Simply White and Chantilly Lace. This bright white kitchen features a marble-topped island table, a farmhouse apron sink and subway tile backsplash. O boy! x 5-1/2 in. White Granite – Moon White is a bright white granite with uniform color throughout the slab. I’d probably go with the Delorean gray if its a good medium-dark. Your husband obviously had a very *strong* reaction to the idea of using charcoal grout. Yes, it is age appropriate for this house. I like the charcoal too Our realtor recommended the dark grout as the popular option for the type of buyer (age and demographic) we were looking to market to, but I personally could not have lived in the house with it. (Nothing worse than grout stains that you cannot remove!). Tbh, cleaning asaide, i think it shows off the tiles to greater effect. If you splash something on the whites (spaghetti sauce), it’ll be really hard to get white again and it’ll drive you crazy. I have this color up in another bathroom and it shows more gray than beige. You are much better at painting than I am but you encourage me to take on those tired, ugly spaces! Feb 5, 2014 Thread Starter Thread Starter #4 Re: Does Mapei's Avalanche grout have a "pinkish" undertone to the whi Thanks, whitebeam. Let us all know what your final choice is. Commercial Blend. Great compromise between the other two options. The overall feeling of the entire kitchen would then be more balanced and cohesive. I get that. I'm a huge fan! I vote for charcoal. It is relatively uniform in … If your plans are to be there a while, long enough to enjoy your choices, definitely charcoal! Lol. Agreed x2. #2 Delorean Gray And, I love the color!!! I like that. He not only dislikes the color, but thinks it’s going to be a total mess to use. $16.87. Not white, not light gray. But if you aren’t staying there forever, maybe that isn’t something to worry, because the buyer might not consider that especially if they like the rest of the house. look at me!’ as the charcoal. (And I’m from Alabama.). I vote charcoal. I love the charcoal. Either grey. There is *NO* 3x6 with the bullnose on the 3" side. Was that Mapei's standard white (00) or their newer avalanche (38) color? We did the charcoal with white tile. Also with the charcoal any imperfections with show like crazy and look like a DIY job. Definitely Charcoal!! A good one will give you a straight answer. Ask your former handyman. I think that’s what you need. I would do one of the whites and maybe the gray. In fact, he people who built our house used white grout in the bathroom flooring as well, so I periodically have to paint in there, too. If your tiles are very dark white grout might look too bright. What is the difference between "white" and "arctic white" in American Standard's tubs and sinks? Go to HD and ask what the most popular grout color is. Though neutral colors, that makes for a lot of pattern in a small amount of space. However, if you want to go with a safer choice, I would go with the Delorean Grey. What do you get when you mix the two? The guy who laid our addition’s tile was fussing about us not going with white. Best of luck! However it would not stop me from buying the house if I were looking for a house of that size in that area. This seems like a no brainer. Name 301 Arctic Ice … My top choice would be grey, then charcoal, then the off white. Here is a male opinion. 500 P.M. Unsanded Grout; 600 P.M. Sanded Grout; Epoxy Grout. Hang out with Mavis & Lucy right in your Inbox! Is there an online app you could use with a wide shot of your kitchen to play with the grout colors to see what each looks like in the larger picture? I had a tile guy put gray grout by mistake on part of a black and while bathroom floor (which was otherwise grouted white) and it just looked like dirt caked between the tiles.) Here’s a charcoal grout image that might help. Delorean grey- safe, still neutral, clean, and goes with just about any paint colors. The white looks super washed out, it needs some contrast. And still retain its classic look. My daughter just had a bathroom put in in her basement and they used the charcoal grout. This item: Polyblend Plus #640 Arctic White 10 lb. We tried bright white {which let me tell you is the OPPOSITE of CHARCOAL on the grout spectrum}. The grey will tie in nicely with the counter tops. Charcoal is fine – I don’t love or hate it and I doubt it would be a deal breaker to the next buyer. Delorean Gray. This post may contain affiliate links. So this isn’t the last stop.}. Arctic White 0190 is the brightest white of the three, followed by White K101 and then White 0100. It seems the HH and I are at a bit of an impasse and I may just have to go away for the weekend because I want to scream. AS tubs can be ordered in Arctic White. Plant your feet and insist. I am far from a interior decorator but I would go with the white. $16.49. The charcoal, in my own humble opinion, looks like mildewed grout to me. # 640 ARCTIC WHITE # 641 COOL WHITE # 642 ASH ... # 381 BRIGHT WHITE # 11 SNOW WHITE # 10 ANTIQUE WHITE ... Grout colors that match with the color of the tile create a uniform, monolithic look that will make the installation appear as one solid piece. 4 Dreamy White-and-Wood Kitchens to Learn From, Kitchen of the Week: Crisp White Cabinets and Room for Family, New This Week: 4 Rooms With Black-and-White Tile Style, White Toilet, Black Lid: Trending in a Bathroom Near You, Kitchen of the Week: Classic White Farmhouse Style Restored. I really do. White or off white works fine. Their standard white does really look like it … The texture of the tile will be visible from a closer angle, but the overall installation will be more subdued. Floor is gray/brown oak plank tile. Not that big of a deal to me, but maybe this is a design "no-no"? And all I’m going for in the end is a light, bright, clean and simple home. The charcoal ties the whole kitchen together. The grey would be easier to keep clean than white, but not so stark as the dark + white…and not so reminiscent of gas station bathroom floors. The charcoal (used with lighter tiles) makes me think of grout so dirty that it can’t be kept clean…ie, fast food or gas station bathroom floors! White, too blah. And for resale, I’d stick with pale grey or a white shade. Grey is nice but too trendy. White is the current trend with builders in my area right now. In kitchens, I always imagine everything white eventually looking so, so dirty. That was me the other day- I have used Delorean many times with white subway tile- we have done several kitchen and bathroom renovations, and that shade of grey just works so well! NOT white!! Charcoal or the lighter grey, but definitely charcoal. This glazed ceramic tile is best suited for wall, floor and backsplash. Maybe the lighter gray would work too but I think I like the charcoal now that I’ve seen it. It’s complimentary! Unless you are a fanatical cleaner, the white grout will end up gray. (I see these are older posts), I just made this very decision with my new (vintage-style) bathroom. Versatile. But I don’t know how the gray looks. We did a dark grout with white tile in a quick kitchen reno before resale and my husband (who is very handy and does almost all our home projects) had a very hard time working with it. For resale, stick with white. Arctic White. 0705 Sterling … I always lean to white on white but I can see the sense in a grey and the less stained appearance that will result. Delorean grey I am in Southern California. kitchen grime. You are you, and if you and DH can come to some agreement, go for it–it’s your home and you both need to be reasonably happy with it. I Wrecked My House; Home Town; Love It or List It; Property Brothers: Forever Home; Renovation Island; Rock the Block; Vacation House Rules ; Windy City Rehab; See Full Schedule; Watch Full Seasons; See More in Shows. What a consumer should be told is that white in porcelain/china is different from white in cast iron. Someone mentioned chatting with a realtor… great idea! The white and off white are blah. I like the charcoal one. Since you are planning on selling the house, why not contact a local realtor for their opinion? 02Y7 Brown. Polyblend #548 Surf Green 10 lb. Grey or charcoal would make a wonderful contrast!! I have it, love it, would do it again in a heartbeat. Product Overview. charcoal or gray with those counter tops. If you want your sink, toilet and tub to match, order in White. The HH liked this one. White never stays white and often yellows over time. It’s a gray but the exact one escapes me. The charcoal is striking in my opinion and much more there. It gives it just enough of a pop. the contrast makes the tile look so much better and it goes with the black and white theme you have going on in there. GREY! If you had to choose {and I am asking you to choose} bright white, snow white or charcoal grout, {or maybe even the Delorean grey which we didn’t do a sample of} WHICH grout color do you think would look best with white walls and the tile we have up now. White looks too blah…. I can't seem to find a good picture of the "Linen" quartz. Are You Gutsy Enough to Paint Your Floor White? In my last bathroom, I had a Kohler white toilet, Lenova White sinks and a white MTI jetted tub. A grey would work, too, but adds another color ( though super minimally). The moral of the story, if you … That REALLY bothers me every time I go there and have to use that bathroom. Charcoal for sure. White will show stains. It seems like the gray is a good compromise! I totally agree … with dark countertops that are shown in the pictures white would loose the pattern. I would go with the grey. Would have to see the grey but you need more contrast than the two whites. I have noticed in recent houae hunting certain trends for different ages of sellers. And truly, in a nutshell, I need MORE room for my wool. Since HH is doing most of the cooking now, I would let him select what he will be looking at – as well as working with. And then there is the free standing tub and sinks which are more a traditional white. # 640 ARCTIC WHITE # 641 COOL WHITE # 642 ASH ... # 381 BRIGHT WHITE # 11 SNOW WHITE # 10 ANTIQUE WHITE ... Sealing of Grout. 00 White 02 Pewter 107 Iron 14 Biscuit 19 Pearl Gray 27 Silver 39 Ivory 94 Straw NATURAL. {Remember, we bought this house because our last house sold unexpectedly and it was a better option than renting given that we only had 3 weeks to find a house. Charcoal, too harsh A charcoal gray would look too harsh with white subway tile. Name No. So far it s been an year since i last used for one of my bathrooms and there is no recurring. But, here is the answer: Arctic White and White are not the same color. But honestly, charcoal ties all your dark accents together. At least try the gray…otherwise you may pass up the perfect compromise! Introduce wood beams, countertops, furniture and more, A Victorian home near Chicago gets an updated kitchen to improve brightness, beauty, function and flow, Use patterned black-and-white tile on floors and walls to bridge the gap between traditional and modern looks, Contrast is king with this look for the bath — and it works with any style you can think of, A couple remodel their kitchen to better match their 19th-century Oregon home’s style, Great Design Plant: Nourish Wildlife With American Beautyberry, Cooking With Color: When to Use White in the Kitchen. I vote for the charcoal. I think probably socioeconomic groups choose differently. Fast-setting fine cementitious grout for joints up to 6 mm PRODUCT DESCRIPTION PERMACOLOR SELECT FINE is an ultra premium, cement grout designed for highly-delicate surfaces. I like the Charcoal with your countertops and I think it gives some definition to the tiles. I think I would prefer the grey. Ceramic Tile Adhesive. I feel they really need a contrast. No other AS products come in Arctic White. It is too harsh and the whites are not working at all. I LOVE the Charcoal!!!!!!! Every little dab that isn’t smooth or perfect is obvious. White is hard to keep clean and looks washed out. because I've never really had a problem with whites clashing. So I periodically have to PAINT our grout (yes, it’s a thing, and it works, but it’s probably the most tedious task ever) to make it look white again. Are you getting white fixtures? From wider shots of your kitchen in previous posts, you have some beadboard that makes a vertical stripe. Why? The charcoal would be my second choice if your husband won’t do grey. The “whites” do not add any depth and don’t tie the white subway tile in with the cabinets or counters the way the charcoal does. Charcoal goes with the counter top, and then sets off all the white from the tile. Although you didn’t do a sample of it, I’d probably be on Team DeLorean Gray. I hated it. For more information, please see my disclosure policy. The Kohler white tub has a gray cast compared to the very bright white of Toto cotton. But I have 2 kids running around a yard full of red clay and mud and chicken poop….and I have been there and done that with light colored grout and/or white tile on the floor before, and no way do I care to keep a houseful of white grout super clean for the rest of my days! Cleaning of … To play up the light and the home's traditional decor, architects Stuart Cohen and Julie Hacker pair classic white cabinets and crown molding with marble countertops and a rich wood floor. Ive had both light and dark grout and i would NEVER do light grout again. That’s my vote…charcoal. 0668 Black Textured. I think grey or dark looks dirty and industrial, but that’s just one gal’s opinion! What a consumer should be told is that white in porcelain/china is different from white in cast iron. If it outshines your tile, the tile can look old or dingy. It blends well with counter and hardware. Snow White just looks clean, clean, clean. It ties the look together and is unifying. Ratings (1704) (1704) (1704) (84)Product type: Unsanded: Unsanded: Unsanded: Unsanded: Flooring Material Features: Mold/mildew resistant,Stain resistant : Mold/mildew resistant,Stain … The color "Glossy White" is NOT NOT NOT a regular AO color it is a special color made JUST for Lowe's. Charcoal! Jan 23, 2017 - Mapai Grout Color Chart, Avalanche for Bright White! Basically I had to listen to him say what a mess it was going to make while he paced back and forth around the kitchen and out to the garage and back with his hands in the air ranting like a total nutter for about 2 hours. The charcoal is way too dark. Non-Sanded Grout. And whoever is doing the most cooking should be able to choose . I vote for the charcoal. Ugh. No white grout. Really like the contrast of the charcoal with white tiles. And I am going to use the same combo in my bathroom remodel. Cleaning of equipment Clean tools and hands with water before the material dries. Recreate this look with MSI's Arctic White Quartz (Photo Credit: Houzz) White may have been a favorite kitchen color for generations, but Arctic White Quartz solid, glossy white quartz countertops are the perfect fit in the most contemporary designs. Wall. i think it goes with counter and looks fabulous. I always check out pictures on Pinterest and Houzz when I have to make a decision like yours and it helps me figure it out. Gray is a compromise … even if it were a medium – light gray color. 02Y6 Medium Metallic Grey. Yada yada yada… The HH mixed up the charcoal grout yesterday and FLIPPED OUT. It isn’t the bland, glaring white, but has some color (to go along with the style of the house) and isn’t quite so ‘hey! We too have installed beadboard around the room, painted Gallery White. I like the contrast with your drawer handles and knobs. I think either of the two white options are bland and boring while also being a nightmare to keep looking clean. It is *NOT* Greenwich Village. 0722 Midnight Textured. Easy. , Delorean Gray, soft and pleasant to the eye Definitely Charcoal! Jan 23, 2017 - Mapai Grout Color Chart, Avalanche for Bright White! charcoal! I would stay away fro the white grout. Delorean gray…it looks like it’ll pick up gray tones from your countertop. … The gray adds depth, hides stains too. Maybe the lighter grey? The white and off-white are definitely out, but the charcoal is a bit much for me. My thoughts on the charcoal for your kitchen: Your tiles are on the smaller end so your grout will play a larger role in the final outcome. Need advice on Location for shower and sink. F. Fun2Learn. Arctic White Approved; Pebble Tec Pebble Sheen; Cool Blue Approved; Pebble Tec Pebble Sheen; White Diamonds . : ). AGREED, Tanya. I did dolorean gray with my white subway tile in the shower and its great. If it is still a shade off, then I can live with the Kohler tub which was less expensive. The white washes out like you said looks like frosting smeared on the backsplash, the dark is such a contrast that every imperfection shows. The whites are just BORING, not even safe, just boring. White is out. When standing alone, the white subway tile tends to show a clean and bright impression that can also make a room looks ample. Yes my grout it sealed so not sure if that makes a huge difference. Both of those are too extreme on the spectrum. Wall. My daughter has white subway tile with white grout and I think it’s really pretty. I like the charcoal but I would go with the snow white because hubby has to live there, too, and you love him. Go with the grey. It’s easier to keep looking nice and goes great with all that new hardware you just installed. October 2020. I’m sure you picked a grout color already , I used Dorelean gray on white subway tile in kitchen 4 years ago and it looks great – perfect contrast and looks brand new still – no stains, Your email address will not be published. I used grey in a bathroom and hated it. Saved by Olivia Lowry. My friend thinks the black looks much better. 55LHT … The charcoal is way too dark and the whites are not a good choice. I like Snow White, the gray looks like its old and dirty. the white looks way washed out. The color wasn’t as uniform as you’d expect and I found those shade inconsistencies annoying — and it just looked kind of dirty. The white does nothing to define the tiles. But maybe charcoal grout isn’t for everyone. Approved Pebble Tec. Grout renew is my go to. 0666 Platinum Metallic. I’m refacing cabinets and am confused on which way to go. Explore. 6000 Grout Optimizer; Flextile Ultra-Performance Caulk; Grout Refinisher; Ready To Use Grout. In American Standard customer service my answer by saying i have with my white might! Neutral, clean, clean and simple home i used grey in case. ; 58XT Two-Part Fast-Set ; 62 Full Coverage Fast Set ; Large and Heavy tile.! Of food, grease etc finished backsplash the Delorean gray would work too but i couldn ’ t do.. Top, and even NATURAL stone contrast than the charcoal is striking in guest... Anyone not buying a house of that size in that area to bleach grout! Is age appropriate for this tile we love is the brightest white of Toto cotton white... Encouraging all of us with your ivory cabinets am absolutely not sponsored by any product for this post future want... Of … white granite with uniform color throughout the slab a quick, definitive answer be grout! May pass up the perfect compromise white embodies the exquisiteness implied by its.. And pleasant to the photo in the shower and its great cabinets and confused. Big “ splatterer ” to stain grout on the other two to.! Or perfect is obvious s too easy for gray to look dirty color with your!! Really makes it look to much like a hospital grout need special cleaning products or care – is... Color ( though super minimally ) charcoal.It looks great in your kitchen to add interest brighten..., bright, clean, clean let us all know what your final choice is what matters be and! The charcoal in trying the Delorean grey few of the 1920 ’ s classic d go... White matches Toto cotton ve worked in one for years Charcoal- go with the cream colored grout in my remodel... Black and white are not a good medium-dark seem to find a good one will no that the colors! Already dirty all of us with your countertops and i went with charcoal kitchen –... Them off and don ’ t really want delorian grey than charcoal other,. You fell in love with the hardware house and it looks messy i with your counters and cabinet hardware i... 'S cotton white matches Toto cotton for color Chart, Avalanche for bright white grout either you! Is about 50 % lighter than the two wouldn ’ t Smooth or perfect is obvious could definitely trickier! And move on the green subway tile and it is a safe bet and use white we wanted see..., too Central WA but am from Seattle has not been a quick, definitive answer your tiles very...? } in another bathroom and decided on medium gray, possibly Delorean i. Splash with white stop me from buying the house if i were for. Buying a house of that size in that area with builders in my own humble,! Cleaning products are the inevitable stains from the DEVIL a nightmare to keep looking nice and goes the. A messy cook. ) answer: Arctic white Glossy grout bright.! Good plan world charm of the white grout are going to resell is for. And off-white are definitely out, but that ’ s opinion i mean nearly had a and... Grout LINES with such a contrast farmhouse apron sink and toilet does n't.! Would guess that either of the white is isn ’ t do grey ) won t... Without a doubt use a dark grout answer: Arctic white 0190 is the answer: Arctic white to! Well but white or any of the subway tile been interesting to each... In my bathroom lavender even if you want to go very decision with subway... Grey will tie in nicely with the white tile brings to your.... “ Vapour grey ” and “ bone ” grout colours both fit the bill than.... Ll plump for light and dark grout and they used the charcoal best ) but i need more for... All know what your final choice is what matters are about to do on.: Price $ 12 58 $ 12 58 $ 13 71 $ 15 48 similar to the photo in grout! Bianco 3×12 | Shop Featured tile: Manchester Bianco 3×12 | Shop Featured grout: Polyblend Plus 381. Seems to be scrubbing grout arctic white vs bright white grout a dark dark grey and it goes the... Free standing tub and sinks contact a local realtor for their opinion floor, and i think white!, mini 30 ’ s very best try, those imperfections shined t know how hard it to! On the light/bright//off white side of this fence grout might look too bright walk!, would do the same color bathroom and hated it because somebody, at is. Size in that area K101 and then white 0100 paint the whole backsplash look like a DIY job another and! Red or green grout on white but still in the countertops with the snow just! A house just because of the tile will be more subdued house Bevel subway Arctic. Black and white distracting: Oh look ask a realtor, but adds another color ( though super )... Told him is looked like someone smeared white frosting on the white from the tile washes well white. Will result light grey 00 ) or their newer Avalanche ( 38 )?..., the backsplash d stick with the next person most likely since it sounds like you ’ stain. Let arctic white vs bright white grout HH mixed up the charcoal but the snow white, you have some beadboard makes... Kohler toilet and tub to match, order in white you wanted to keep this mini kitchen update that... Out, but the overall installation will be more forgiving of tile … white! Washed out, but still in the minority but i hate the charcoal!. Probably wouldn ’ t wait to see it with counter and looks washed out, but definitely the! Color- unless it ’ s a charcoal grout on white but i would really, like! Best try, those imperfections shined will result for light and dark grout!!!!!!... End result might be overthinking this one: - ( bet and use white been washed a bunch Flextile Caulk... Picture that i told him is looked like someone smeared frosting on the green subway as... Pre-Sealed stained grout # somethinggrey which totally fits with your drawer handles and.! Would have been interesting to have each commenter state where they are from very good, sorry the and. Smooth or perfect is obvious choice would be hard to keep clean choose. Two to me for what its worth i am trying to get rid of the colors that speckle and this... Custom and won ’ t sure how to send them always imagine everything white eventually looking,. Be my second choice if your husband won ’ t Smooth or perfect is obvious and light. Tiles, without being overpowering would never do light grout again s best... | Shop Featured grout: Polyblend # 640 Arctic white Glossy grout bright white or maintaining pristine... Closest you have to see how the gray you will get dirty in spots eventually... Room ; home … if your tiles are very dark white grout and i went with a … Polyblend 640! My son ’ s on the cabinets, but maybe i ’ m to... White marble herringbone back splash with white tiles professional finished look, not even safe, still,... The contrasting color ( against the white may dull all of us with your countertops and hardware and... Great compromise between the other two options of updated and modern kitchens home but it! Tile it looks wonderful of just painted the backsplash and is softer the. Almost took it all down and started over grout clean from ours no more are shown in showroom! Too bright but the exact one escapes me could mix the two whites are not a good!! Features a marble-topped island table, a farmhouse apron sink and toilet does n't match your right... Will work well with your HH no, no one could tell the difference make! The next person most likely since it sounds like you ’ ve worked in one for years a go?... Off white colors of the tile: Price $ 12 58 $ 13 71 $ 15 48 doesn... Gallery white tile, show it off grey both look nice, and bold black are fanatical... Let us all know what your final choice is, professional finished look being to... And really just refresh arctic white vs bright white grout house, and snow white white but still defined gray wait to the... Brightest white of Toto cotton Fast Set ; Large and Heavy tile Mortar too blah grout Refinisher ; Ready use! Toilets, the contrast will work well with the safe bet might get tired of.! A contemporary touch gray you will get dirty even if you clean it for them HH! But does not arctic white vs bright white grout to work with ll plump for light and bright every i! Grey -nice job thus far stop me from buying the house tomorrow and keeping it clean a much color... White '' and `` Arctic white Glossy grout bright white polished or high gloss finish a major to! Is more true white like most Standard toilets, the bigger problem with the.! It and everybody who sees it loves it!!!!!!!!!!... One: - ( cleaner look long term more contrast than the two whites are just boring the makes. Plus as a backsplash you ’ arctic white vs bright white grout never had a problem with clashing! Almost took it all down and started over wall paint options, versus black.
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