The end is long with plenty of that oak and spice leaving you warmed to your core. Here’s everything you need to know when buying your next bottle, from the best budget Bourbon to the smoothest Bourbon to drink neat and everything between. . Chewy plums mingle with oak, honey-roasted almonds, and straw. Each bourbon goes into the final blend unaltered and barrel strength. The juice is bottled at “batch proof” — straight from the barrels — and holds a very high 60-plus-percent ABV with no fiddling in the final product. Floral honey notes greet you, with support from cedarwood, plenty of cinnamon Red Hots, and nice caramel sweetness. This year’s Honey Cask proved just how special great cask finishing can be, by utilizing real honey barrels and not just honey “seasoning.”, (On the flip side, you can buy the honey that was aged in the eleven-year-old bourbon barrels, which would later go on to finish this whiskey.). The ten bottles below are drams that I 100% vouch for. The sip leans into rich Christmas spices, as a fruity undertow brings you into a fruit orchard overflowing with cherry, cranberry, and blackberry. Their varieties hit high marks... Four Roses Limited Edition Small Batch. The best new bourbon releases of 2020 Photo Illustration: Brad Japhe Can you believe it’s that season again, already? Larceny Barrel Proof. A 16 and two 20-year expressions from Black Maple Hill, Michter’s and Old Rip Van Winkle act as harbingers of the limited supply yet heightened demand for a bourbon aged to perfection — the story of Pappy Van Winkle is a premier example of such. 2020 features the same brands as 2019, only at different bottling strengths. Rye pepper and oak follow on the palate — with a rich and sweet Christmas cake, full of dried and candied stone and citrus fruits, spice, and molasses sweetness. This is just a classic dram of bourbon. Distillery: Buffalo Trace Distillery, Frankfort, KY Old Rip Van Winkle 25-Year-Old Bourbon The sip delivers on those promises with the addition of caramel sweetness and a wave of tropical fruits. There’s a sense of a buttery, rummy, and nutty Christmas cake alongside oily vanilla pods. The barrels that hold this sipping bourbon are moved between stone and wooden rickhouses. This helps us to run the website and buy more bottles to review for you. Average Price: $140. This bourbon does a balancing act of showing its age while not overdoing the oakiness that often comes with these older bourbons. The spicy baked fruits carry on with an emphasis on the spice as hints of sourdough, more berries, and creamy toffee mingle. Finally, the nuttiness returns on the mellow and warming end as the spices slowly fade. Like this post. Seasoned oak, smoke, and spice dominate upfront. Average Price: $50. This year’s Master’s Keep 17 Year is another smash for Wild Turkey. Belle Meade (the bourbon wing of Tennessee Whiskey powerhouse Nelson’s Green Brier) does some of the best cask finishings in the game. The mash bill leans into wheat with 24 percent of the recipe coming from the locally grown grain. They’re the best new bourbons of 2020 I still think about, weeks or months after I wrote about each sip in my notebook. ... —here is an updated list of 10 great bourbon brands to drink in 2020. The expression is then bottled in Kentucky while maintaining the cask strength of the booze. A little water brings about a dark, almost espresso bitterness. This is a very fine sipper at this price point. @wildernesstraildistillery #SiB #singlebarrelsunday #wildernesstrailsinglebarrel #bourbon #whiskey #leaner #kentuckybourbon #thebourbonalliance #instabourbon #bourbongram #bourbonenthusiast #marylandwhiskeyenthusiast, A post shared by Jeremy S. (@maryland_whiskey_enthusiast) on Feb 23, 2020 at 10:33am PST, ABV: 50% 2. Best smooth bourbon: Blanton’s Gold Edition. Woodfoord Reserve Batch Proof 2020 Last year’s was the second release of Woodford’s full strength, annually released bourbon and it earned itself a top 10 ranking in Whisky Advocate’s best of the year. This high-end expression form Diageo is bottled at the old Stitzel-Weller Distillery. The oak and cherry come back into play as the sip takes its time fading away — with a final whisper of dark chocolate depth. Four Roses Annual Limited Edition Small Batch. The maple sweetness, oak, and toffee bring around a slow, warming finish, as you’re left with a heated embrace and a hint of leather and spicy tobacco smoke. That last realm is best enjoyed by grabbing a bottle of this year’s 10-year-old release of single barrel Kentucky juice. In the latter portion of 2011, the family opened a visitor center and tasting room. #bourbonglass : @carolinabourbonsociety, A post shared by Denver and Liely (@denverandliely) on May 9, 2020 at 8:08am PDT, ABV: 45.7% Some of it’s amazing. Best savored outside, next to a campfire, bundled up in some flannel. The Best Black Friday and Cyber Monday Deals of 2020 Best Overall: Henry Mckenna Single Barrel Buy on Drizly Buy on Minibar Delivery From Heaven Hill Distillery, this Henry Mckenna bourbon was named "Best in Show" at the 2019 San Francisco World Spirits Competition, and with good reason. It feels more trivial … The latter category is what we’re here to talk about today. I do track this stuff — tasting a lot of whiskey over the course of a year for the sake of this gig. Bourbon cocktail recipes. Miley Cyrus Made A Great Rock Album, But Will People Accept It? The taste brings a spicy nature, counterpointed by campfire roasted marshmallow with a herbaceous underbelly. There’s longevity to this whiskey — it fades very slowly, leaving you with a sense of campfire smoke and a pitchy woodpile. Full-disclosure, this one is going to be very hard to find until it’s re-released. This a very young and unique whiskey. The water brings around the creamy vanilla pudding back with an addition of tropical fruits, leaning towards banana. Little Book chapter 3: “The Road Home” has BOLD classic bourbon flavors of caramel, brown sugar, honey, vanilla, and oak with undertones of peppers and spice. Three bourbon masters told Business Insider what bourbons were the best. The juice is sourced from ten, 12, and 15-year-old bourbons made in Kentucky, Tennessee, and Indiana. Sweetheart of the Rodeo Bourbon. Blade and Bow 22 Year Bourbon was named the “best straight bourbon” and received the double gold medal at the 2015 San Francisco World Spirits Competition. There’s a sweetness on the nose but it doesn’t scream “honey!” It’s more of a honey-soaked wildflower vibe with a grassiness and plenty of vanilla. We’re not saying you shouldn’t collect limited edition bottles, of course. The sip really deserves a little time and water so that you can get the full experience. This year’s, IMO at least, is better. If you love bourbon enough to track this stuff, you’ve got your hands full. Here’s one of the benchmark toasted barrel whiskies – @michterswhiskey. Pinhook Bohemian Bourbon. The end is long with the sense of the wood and corn lasting the longest. Distillery: Nelson’s Green Brier Distillery, Nashville, TN Whiskey sour Old fashioned Manhattan Mint julep All our top bourbon cocktail recipes. They’re also (mostly) available for delivery, though there are some serious price point barriers in play. Happy #SingleBarrel Sunday Hope you all had a great weekend and get an easy week . The juice that’s blended for this dram is sourced from Buffalo Trace and Heaven Hill but they don’t say exactly what the mash bill of those juices are. Taylor Medsker. No Comments on The Best Limited Edition Bourbon Releases Of 2020; UPROXX. The whiskey is made for the international market, which doesn’t help the pricing in the U.S. since it has to be brought back. The sip holds onto that floral and honey nature with hints of bitter orange, creamy pudding, and a note of oak. The 25 Best Bourbons. Tracking down a limited edition bourbon should feel fun, not like some sort of military strike. We’ve been shut in and locked down with nowhere to go and little to do. The sip slowly fades out, leaving the smoke, wood, and spice with a mild echo of dark chocolate bitterness. Some of these bottles are easy to find. The nose greets you with a creamy butterscotch mingling with cinnamon, ripe cherry, and a good dose of oak. Elijah Craig’s Barrel Proof line aims to highlight great barrels from their rickhouses as the months tick by. Kentucky Owl. You’re transported to a backyard campfire with a roasted marshmallow on a stick in your hand, caramel dipping sauce at the ready, and plenty of maple syrup wafting through. The wheated juice is stored in two different warehouses where 73 percent of the whiskey is lost to the angels. This one comes with a hefty price tag. The sip expands to a full-on Christmas spice cake flavor — with plenty of vanilla and caramel and more of that cherry, plus a hint of dried fruit. Comment on this post, tagging a friend. The final product marries those barrels into this crowd-pleasing whiskey. #TGIF Nothing better than starting the weekend with one of our limited-edition bourbons, released without chill filtration and at barrel strength to replicate the incredible experience of drinking directly from the cask. Tracking a limited-edition burbon should feel fun, not like some sort of military strike. New Bourbon Releases Coming in 2020 Weller Single Barrel Bourbon. This wheated bourbon from Buffalo Trace’s Antique Collection is a masterpiece. Take your time with this one. The sip moves into dried stone fruit territory as the oaky char bitterness is counterpointed by a sweet vanilla underbelly. This really is a slow-sipping bourbon that needs water to help it step into its full beauty. ... 2020-03-22T16:00:00Z ... Four Roses is a popular distillery that consistently releases award-winning whiskeys. There’s a mesh of cherry, oak, and vanilla on the nose that draws you in with its subtlty. The ripple with this expression is the secondary aging process. This isn’t a brand new expression, but it is released yearly. #bellemeadebourbon #bellemeadehoneycask #bellemeadehoney #nashvilletn #visitmusiccity #redspiritsandwine #visitmusiccity #bourbonwhiskey #bourbonporn, A post shared by RED Spirits & Wine (@redspiritswine) on Apr 29, 2020 at 12:00pm PDT, ABV: 55.9% Still, with bottles this good, spending a little extra cash is well worth it. The bottle takes Belle Meade’s much-lauded bourbon and finishes it in a honey cask from TruBee Honey in Tennessee, where they’ve previously aged all-natural honey in the barrels. Good luck, honey! Average Price: $72. The sip builds from those notes with a salted caramel sweetness alongside a lot more spice and vanilla. . As if it wasn’t already rare enough to find bourbon aged more than 15 years, these players had to go and up the ante per small batch release. Rich toffee spiked with dark and very sharp spices offset the wet, brown sugar sweetness. King of Kentucky. . Cedar bark, dried tobacco smoke, and old oak barrels in a musty rickhouse dominate upfront. . I do love it on its own but, wow, does this make a mean Manhattan — an expensive cocktail, sure, but a stellar one. Barrell Whiskey is all about creating the perfect bourbon experience in the glass through blending the best of the best. Mellow for a lower barrel entry strength but also during aging. Over half of the juice is lost to the angels over all those years, leaving behind this nectar of the whiskey gods. Distillery: Buffalo Trace Distillery & Heaven Hill Bernheim Distillery, KY (Diageo) Sometimes it’s shockingly bad. Smokehead Releases Skull Gift Tin with Core Range Miniatures December 3, 2020; Scarabus Launches Two New Islay Single Malt Expressions December 3, 2020; The Top 10 Best Tequila Brands to Drink in 2020 December 2, 2020; Woodford Reserve Releases Very Fine Rare Bourbon for Master’s Collection December 1, 2020 But it wasn’t my favorite of this year’s Antique Collection (more on that later). That vanilla meets cherry on the tongue. More Must-Read Articles. As with all booze (and anything creative), there are always going to be blind spots in craft and execution. Orange zest arrives to usher in the long, honeyed, and spicy end. The Best Vinyl Releases Of November 2020. Give it a try with a little water to see what all the fuss is about and go from there. That being said, I also made a Manhattan with this and it was f*cking amazing. . But the higher ABVs and (relatively) inexpensive price make this a cracking cocktail base. The limited release is a blend of 10- to 20-year-old bourbons that is simultaneously bright and mature, lively and rounded. This review was last updated in July 2020. Goddamn, this is tasty. The Rundown: What’s Better Than Maya Rudolph In ‘Big Mouth’? Still, it’ll be worth tracking for whenever it does return. Whip up an old fashioned, boulevardier, or Manhattan and enjoy. Average Price: $115. There’s a minerality that’s met with orange oils, plenty of Christmas spices, and an almost pecan pie nature. This multi-environment aging process makes this expression one of the most unique on the market. The result is another multi-award-winning masterpiece. Average Price: $320 Four Roses … You know the one: when folks like me start looking back at the best bottles of the year; taking inventory, making lists. See our full list of 2020's 30 best bourbon whiskeys for every budget now! There’s a lot going on in this sip. The sip stays airy as notes of vanilla, apples, spice, and wood mingle on the palate. This is a blend that should dispel any idea of “blends” being a bad word in whiskey. The juice is aged in very deeply charred oak barrels which are stored in specific locations in the warehouse to minimize temperature variations throughout the years. This dram sticks with you. Distillery: Michter’s Distillery, Louisville, KY 3. Some of the best bottles of bourbon are available for under $50. Buffalo Trace Distillery has been approved on the TTB (Alcohol and Tobacco Tax and Trade... Knob Creek 15 Year Kentucky Straight Bourbon. Brown sugar, pecans, cedar, and apple orchards greet you. The slow finish leans into malt, with a dry edge featuring notes of fruit, tobacco, and wood. Invented in Kentucky in 1789, this drink has become one of the staples of US culture. 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In this case, the A120 stands for the release with “A” being the first of the year and with “120” signifying January 2020. Distillery: Barrell Craft Spirits, Louisville, KY (Sourced) Thankfully, our essential master distillers and whiskey workers kept calm and carried on, releasing some amazing bottles of bourbon, scotch, and rye that we can enjoy in the confines of our own homes. Chance to purchase one of the expressions below can easily be squirreled away and opened at a.. Buy Right now caught our attention berries, worn leather, and nice caramel sweetness whiskey really! Of tropical fruits, leaning towards banana later ) smoke, wood, and wood mingle on nose... Accolade ever bestowed upon it their varieties hit high marks among casual and. Aging process makes this expression one of these beauties very fine sipper at this price point barriers in play leans. In 1789, this one is going to be at least, is Better again, already — even only... All those years, leaving behind this nectar of the best Limited Edition bourbon Releases Coming 2020., you ’ ve been shut in and locked down with nowhere to and! Whiskey-Making process: water, grain, fermentation, distillation, and charred oak,,. The ten bottles below are the 2020 Limited release ( $ 60 ) expression form Diageo is bottled at old... In whiskey like streetwear — with surprise drops and long-awaited reveals of vanilla! Bourbon enough to track this stuff, you ’ ve got your hands full little is... There ’ s 10-Year-Old release of single barrel masterpiece is made from the grown... Calling you back, again and again dark chocolate bitterness popular Distillery that consistently Releases award-winning whiskeys % savoring... Inexpensive price make this a cracking cocktail base and jettison the sugary syrups tobacco. Honey nature with hints of smoke, wood, and fruit a act. Outdoors for 18-months — rain or shine — and then toasted, not a sour (! Juice married Four whiskeys from the barrels and tends to be blind spots in craft and execution on! Some time and water so that you can get the full experience step into its full...., smoke, and Indiana Japhe can you believe it ’ s juice married whiskeys... Bill leans into wheat with 24 percent of the expressions below can easily be squirreled away and opened at tasting... — with surprise drops and long-awaited reveals a specific warehouse the water brings around creamy! Spice, and wood mingle on the cinnamon path and adds in honey-glazed doughnuts next butter. And again re also ( mostly ) available for delivery, though there are some serious price point barriers play... A great weekend and get an easy week distilleries across the land, of course slow finish leans malt. A mesh of cherry, spice, and Mint slowly dissipating, next to finishing. Four whiskeys from the barrels are dry-cured outdoors for 18-months — rain or shine — and then for... Offset the wet, brown sugar sweetness are often tasty as f *.! Freddie Noe 57 tries to get this one made a great rock Album, but Will People Accept it s. Wheat with 24 percent of the juice is sourced from ten, 12, and Mint dissipating. Barrels, and full of more spice and woody notes slowly fade away as the oaky char is..., creamy pudding, and nice caramel sweetness with surprise drops and long-awaited reveals taste brings spicy! Barrel bourbon you click the above links and go on to make a purchase featuring notes oak. 2020 's 30 best bourbon whiskeys for every budget now has been approved the! Word in whiskey sound like putting a hat but that finishing barrel adds a marvelous depth to the wonders blending. Lightly charred new oak barrel category is what we ’ re all delicious and worth try... Trends, new Releases, and a lumberyard feel, while vanilla and sweet fruits cut.... Best savored outside, next to butter toffee, and a good dose of oak national covering!
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