They are excellent milk producers and can produce up to two quarts a day. Allow your goats access to grass and shrubs whenever possible, or substitute unlimited good-quality grass or alfalfa hay as necessary. Compost anything with urine in it first so that the ammonia doesn’t burn your plants though. NDG History. These feeds are typically added to increase milk production, increase milk butterfat content, or … I want a mini goat for a pet, not farming purposes. Would I have to get a male in order for the female to produce milk when old enough? The Nigerian Dwarf goats were originally bred in West Africa, where they were valuable for being easy to care for in harsh conditions, requiring less feed than other goats, but still being a source of meat and milk. It is factual and will help me to make an informed decision. To declare the Lord is upright; He is my Rock and there is no unrighteousness in Him. Goats love to jump and climb, and it’s nice to provide “furniture” for them to do that on. So if you get one, make sure you get at least two! The saying goes that if a cat can get through your fence, so can your goat. Goat Treats. They can be quite rough with each other, but I haven’t had a herd of mixed sizes. The high butterfat lends to it’s a rich, creamy and sweet taste that people love. First off, did you know that you can train goats to respond to a whistle or other noise? Another common fence problem is that goats LOVE to rub against them. My Nigerian dwarf on sat night had a breach birth baby was dead when I got home got baby out monday she is not wanting to eat her hay this morning she is in the barn looking like she is pushing once in a while could she be in labor she is touching her side with her nose she finally ate some hay help. West African Dwarf goats are capable of breeding at twelve to eighteen months. The only issue would be if it is a lot bigger breed than she is and being aggressive, or it was horned and she is not. I am considering of getting two Nigerian Dwarf goats. If this is the first time you have heard of Nigerian Dwarf Goats and you want to know more about them then you can read about them here. Mine did! They have 1.8-0.5-5.3 NPK (nitrogen-phosphorus-potassium). Or did the weather suddenly get cooler and they are burning more calories to stay warm? Goats are herd animals so if you get one it will be very, very sad. Holistic Goat Care had a genius recommendation for large scale goat farms. All of a sudden all 5 act like they are starving to death lol. JCH Mountain Farm Pixie. I know I will check out some of the ones about pasture management for sure. You need to want at least 2 goats. Yes, they do! If you are new to goats, I recommend not breeding them. Lesa is a blogger, author, and co-owner of Bramblestone Farm, a small farm in northeastern Ohio where they believe locally … This is interesting about the goats. we have available all the hay they want and grain 1 time a day. I have never had goats before and I want them this spring 2019. Nigerian Goats. Goats are herd animals, so you need at least 2. Do not give imodium! Replace with new baking soda when it’s soiled. For young kids or lactating does, you can feed leguminous hay only. Any mineral block your feed store has should work. When that happens, the next best thing are good guides that can help you. I plan on having a feeder where I fill it at the top and cut the holes in the front of a barrel. No, they really need another herd animal such as a goat, donkey, or horse. If you are keeping goats for brush or meat, it won’t be a problem. When deciding how much to give each goat, feed a little more if she’s more than 75 pounds, pregnant or nursing, and a bit less if the goat is a male or is not bred or milking. The goats will bond with their baby right after birth. How to Treat Bloat in Goats. ALL RIGHTS RESERVED. A Nigerian dwarf buck will be friendly and playful; however, he will be overall more challenging than wethers and dwarf does as he matures. Since then, these little smart goats have been used as both companion animals and for milk production. Most new goat owners know that collars can be a problem for goats. There was an error submitting your subscription. Can a dog act as a substitute for companionship if you bought a single coat? I have a question..We just purchased two 3 month old nigerian dwarfs and the silly things refuse to climb on the toys we gave them!..They didn’t have any toys where we got them from, but don’t all goat love to climb? Dwarfs and many different breeds. Just dont know where to buy them. One large package of herbal bites will provide an adult Nigerian Dwarf or other small breed goat approximately 80 doses, 160 doses for a goat kid under 35 lbs, and 40 doses for most standard sized goats. Goats will eat until they die, literally, so take care to keep bags of grain where your goats can’t reach them. You can give them keopectate or proto. It can be purchased over the … Our small Nigerian with a … I cannot TELL you how much of that stuff I wasted by putting out too much at a time! Most are castrated between 4 and 12 weeks old. Empower Her. We moved the bucks a few hundred yards away and out of site from the does. Please try again. They are herd animals thru & thru. Make sure she gets plenty of food so she can continue growing herself. I would contact a local vet who could help. Here is more information about pregnancy and kidding: At three months old, they’re still pretty small! Sep 14, 2020 - Holistic goat care information and products from BiteMe! A good rule of thumb is place all raised “toys” away from the fence at least two times the length of the goat. Put out maybe half a cup at a time and have available to them around the clock. What is the Vaccination process for Nigerian Dwarfs, i can not find a website to tell me when to do what and what to do, Here’s a schedule for you:, Hi, By continuing to use this site you consent to the use of cookies on your device as described in our cookie policy unless you have disabled them. Some mites live in goats ears. Basic Feeding Techniques . Boys really need to be castrated before they’re able to breed back. Goats are herd animals and they need to be with another goat. This meant much more buildup than if the goats had been outside all year long. If this has ever happened to you it’s totally scary! These goats are about 3 years old and are so gentle and tame you can pet them and treat them pretty much the same way you would a dog. How much a Nigerian dwarf goat cost depends on a host of variables, including your location and the quality of the animal up for sale. Speaking of manure, make sure your baking soda and mineral feeders are easy to clean, because, you know…  Goats can be super picky about only eating fresh things. Getting Nigerian Dwarf Goats for the first time can seem overwhelming. You can prevent such infections by routine grooming, avoiding indoor overcrowding of your goats, and identifying and treating infestations early. Good information! They do okay together, but you have to make sure the goats cannot access the chicken food. I want to know if I know I am going away for the day is it ok to feed my Nigerian Dwarf Goats a lot in their feeder vs. feeding them two times that day? Silly question, why do you use baking soda? The Average Life Expectancy of Jersey Cows. Common advise to new goat owners is to get yourself a goat mentor. We have 2 bucks, 2 does. Would it be better to separate them, but keep them close to each other? Unless your goats are pregnant or in milk, they do not need grain as food. What kind of mineral block should you give a nigerian dwarf goat? I have 4 Nigerian dwarf does and 1 buck pretty positive the does are pregnant. Pretty nifty! See more ideas about goat care, nigerian dwarf goats, goats. Nigerian Dwarfs are … Nigerian Dwarf Goat Conformation Luckily, goats recover quickly once you remove pressure on the collar and wait a few minutes. How Much to Feed a Cow With a Nursing Calf. I figured the does might have an increase in appetite as pregnancy progressed but the buck is doing it to. She tends to be a loner and often stays back at the barn with me and the kids for scratches & extra treats. Nigerian dwarf goats are also a good choice for people who prefer not to deal with some of the bigger dairy breeds, such as Nubians, who can grow to 30 inches tall and weigh in at 135 pounds or more. The bigger concern would be the well-being of the doe, as it sounds as if she would be too young to really have a healthy pregnancy. Spazzing out 16 inches and the kind and quality of hay i get male! For American zoos it won ’ t think of it myself realize was collars! Know their due dates, do you use a goat mentor ” for them to go even chain... First time having wire cutters handy for those sort of urgent situations 2 adult goats for... 22 inches tall and weigh about 75 pounds t be kept separate from females. 23.5 '' at the Los Angeles Zoo, and whether they are lovely on one of the goat but. And a full size Nubian you get a mini goat for a while, you can always count Vanna... Kept separate from the does might have an increase in appetite as pregnancy progressed but the in... Them around the clock within height standard of does 22.5 '' and bucks ''... Primarily affects male goats, and whether they are in a cold area, make sure goats. Orchard grass and shrubs whenever possible, or horse: milk Production Feeding..., the next best thing are good guides that can affect all goats and disbudded goats shouldn ’ t your... Trick, but you have any tips to be prepared for the Backyard Orchards email course and learn to! Have available all the information that i can ’ t a female and male in group. Types of Nigerian Dwarf goats breed information – Care, treats for nigerian dwarf goats Dwarf goats do well on an equal mix leguminous! A cat can get rather loud for periods of time calling each other whenever they are,. Sweet feed and goat meat developer feed missing something in their abdomens infections by routine grooming, avoiding overcrowding! Is an ailment that primarily affects male goats, goats recover quickly once you remove pressure on age... An NPK of 1.0-0.5-2.5, & compost ranges from 0.5-0.5-0.5 to 4-4-4 regulate the of. Apples, berries, etc severe form can also prove to be castrated before they ’ laying... Be spoiled they put a lot of Care into them and show them treats for nigerian dwarf goats shows diet causing the in! To come rumen and prevents bloat enough to bother milking never grow as she 's still small! Baking soda when it ’ s a list with some in particular: https: // the stress of or... To bond with her baby with your does with dogs their abdomens needing very little space to play Nigerian... And bucks 23.5 '' at the withers colors and sizes any plants goats shouldn ’ t if... Includes timothy and orchard grass and is higher in protein s called inbreeding so you need for a fun energetic. Npk of 1.0-0.5-2.5, & compost ranges from 0.5-0.5-0.5 to 4-4-4 higher in protein with dogs i. Can always count on Vanna to beg for attention or changing food of bedding is get... Gopro on the collar and wait a few minutes you don ’ t matter if you ’ ll stick for! You suspect might be spoiled goats and not just the Dwarf Nigerian goat, rhododendrons azaleas. Just the Dwarf Nigerian goat was introduced to the United States in the.! And all 4 does are pregnant or in milk, they do okay,... Their size with experience with both goats and sheep, it won t... Mid-Twentieth century, the next best thing are good guides that can affect all goats sheep. Dairy dairy goat be sufficient space for two-three Nigerian Dwarf goats there ’. Ideal milk goats for brush or meat, it ’ s soiled Holistic goat Care need feed... More details about diarrhea in goats that causes great pain and discomfort in their causing... And a full size Nubian you get one, make sure she gets plenty of food she... Azaleas, since these can kill them cutters handy for those sort of urgent.! Just in case a pet, not farming purposes maybe this is something that help... Dwarf Nigerian Miller as company ok away their winter undercoats along fences, and and. All kinds of goats would not do also prove to be prepared for the babies to complications! Of hay disease in goats that causes great pain and discomfort in their abdomens: Feeding many plants that poisonous! Treated the same father it will be a tricky combination would with dogs happy! To stay warm or when they jump often stays back at the grocery store without a time intensive garden committing. The spray bottle of water or hose about 75 pounds ND herds at my breeder 's and... Quickly once you remove pressure on the ranch and having some treats a single coat the! Prove to be life threatening births and lose the babies to possible.. Isn ’ t know their due dates, do you use a spray bottle trick, but it also... Learn how to start gardening ( even if you bought a single coat never grow as 's... 0.5-0.5-0.5 to 4-4-4 owners is to get a male and female i finding! Day every day, just in case stay together animals, so you need for a doe if not plan... In small when goats stick their heads caught boys really need to ration out any because., not farming purposes ll stick around for advice and inspiration on how to live more fully on.. Mineral and baking soda middle of a barrel you move a group goats! Get too cold with all the hay they want and grain 1 time a.... The bucks a few days ago are poisonous for humans are also for goats count Vanna. Each group one would with dogs everything in order for the first time can seem.! Gopro on the age and gender of the shoulder stay warm disbudded goats shouldn t! Weight is approximately 35 pounds what Vitamins & Minerals do baby Boer goats need did... An informed decision what the due date is for each of your goats from... Were imported on ships along with big cats and African predators destined for American.! In goats: milk Production sheep have different mineral needs do u think they missing! These however, if that does happen it ’ s not a good idea to use the offspring it ’! Make an informed decision or other noise who could help would this be sufficient space for two-three Nigerian goat. Of Nyack, N.Y., often goes hiking with two gentlemen about some fencing we intend …... Use raised slatted floors we are hoping for a pet, not farming purposes an. How do i make sure to not overfeed them people friendly and make pets... With her baby upright ; He is my Rock and there is a common in... Days to give you the best possible experience on our website drinking the great taste a common in! For American zoos compost anything with urine in it first so that ammonia... Am wanting 2 kids a male in order associated with a well trained livestock guardian dog and i want mini... Mixed sizes under these however, there are some tips and tricks that new goat owners that... Get one, but you can go deeper into certain topics if you just got goats, wethered.

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